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Fri Jan 21 23:34:13 EST 2005

|On Thursday, January 20, 2005, at 03:48 PM, Katie Meyers wrote:
|> I am learning Spanish in school.  We have read chapters from Don
|> Quijote.  My grandpa says I should have taken French because there is
|> more Literature.

I was talked into French instead of Spanish and I will always regret it.
First of all, lit: golden age of spain?  Masses of great literature.
Unless you're a philosopher, you should be fine with Spanish.  Secondly,
Spanish is my region's second language, and I sure as hell wish I could
communicate with everyone I meet.  Whatever your feelings about whether
or not people around you should know English, it's still handy to speak
the language of the people around you.

ObDWJ:  Oh, I'm too tired.  I can't think of one.  Here's a challenge:
someone relate this to DWJ.  I dare you.  Actually I went to school with
a Spanish translator, convinced her to read DWJ, and she convinced her
publisher to let her translate DWJ into Spanish.  Go me!

"I assume that some great catastrophe has occured that would
require us to sit upon a weeping lady?"
	-- Loveday the butler, _Lady Dangerous_

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