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God, is there no one who *does* watch TV? I'm starting to feel like a freak 
for loving my TV nearly as much as my computer and the library.
Oh I like tv! I can certainly live without it though. I mean if there is 
nothing good on t.v I can easily pick up a book or if I don't have any good books 
I can usually find something on tv to watch. I do love certain shows (all the 
I Love the __'s like I Love the 80's on VH1, the OC-yes I know disgraceful, 
American Idol, Law and Order SVU....) but I also love certain books just as 
much. I think having a nice balance is good because I get to enjoy all different 
types of entertainment, even if one takes more brain power than the other (and 
evidentially the reason I always score really really high on the literary 
comprehension part of standarized tests is because I read so much, which is a good 
thing because the math skills-ehhh).

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