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Verity Cinnabar cen at shareable.org
Fri Jan 21 13:17:13 EST 2005

If venturing near the juvenile Heinlein rack, do not bother with _Young
Atomic Engineers_, which RAH was persuaded to rename _Rocket Ship Galileo_.
It's daft (if you've seen the film _Destination Moon_, the film's a cross 
between _RS G_ and _The Man Who Sold the Moon_) and unexciting all at once.

You might also want to be wary of the book immediately following the Scribner
12, _Podkayne of Mars_, which is much less clean cut than the others. It's
pretty much a progenitor of _Friday_, although it's sometimes placed with the
others in Category RAH-Juvenile.

I like the pair featuring native Martian "flat cat" type critters, and
the teacher might be pleased to encounter the SF variant of _Lord of the
Flies_ which is _Tunnel in the Sky_, or might be appalled at the knock-off.
It's not to be confused with _Farmer in the Sky_ (not very good at titles,
our RAH).

I like _Citizen of the Galaxy_, but it's surprisingly lacking in SF elements.

Finally, one that's not part of the Scribner 12 is still suitable for juveniles
but _Double Star_ is again rather lacking in SF elements (breathing apparatus,
torch ships and native Martians with their wacky sufficiently-advanced tech).

Verity (points awarded to anyone other than Melissa who realises which lapsed
        DWJ-list member I am. Only one point if you google for the answer)

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