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Fri Jan 21 11:49:09 EST 2005


I wonder if others on this list are having this trouble. I bring it up 
because of the discussion of finding large groups of cheap books at the 
Salvation Army and Goodwill.

I'm finding that I can no longer buy used books. My mold allergies have 
gotten to the point that it's really uncomfortable for me to read an 
older books that's at all moldy or dusty. My eyes water, my throat and 
lips dry out, and I get quite tired.

The solution I came up with, of course, was to set out buying new 
copies of all the used books I've bought over the years (all my LeGuin 
hardcovers!). My sensible partner, of course, suggested getting some 
drugs for the allergies.

Have others had this problem?

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