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Fri Jan 21 11:28:27 EST 2005

Philip wrote:

>> One day last year our local Sally Ann shop had twenty-something of
>> them (most in dust jackets, many 1st edition) that they were going to
>> *throw away* because they didn't think anyone would want old fiction
>> like that! They'd put one out on the rack to see if it sold, and when
>> I pounced on it with squeaks of excitement they casually said "oh,
>> there are some more in a box somewhere, if you want them you can have
>> them".   I insisted on paying for them, but they refused to take more
>> than a tenner for the whole lot.
>Eeek!  People who behave like that shouldn't be allowed to have charge
>of books.  Read them, yes - I wouldn't ban anyone from reading - but
>someone else should be in charge!

I picked up a practically complete set of hardback Saint books in a London
charity shop a couple of years ago in similar circumstances (10p each).
They had come in, been put out by the manageress onto the shelves, *thrown
into the skip out the back* the following day by one of the "helpers" who
thought they were rubbishy stuff, and retrieved by the manageress when she
came in that afternoon.  She told me that she would have to hide them so
the helper wouldn't be offended at having her judgement reversed, so she
would be glad if I please bought the whole lot.  I agree: some people
shouldn't be allowed to make decisions about books.

Not that I am complaining if it means I get bargains like that, mind you!

>> The four non-regency non-detective ones are rumoured to be in print at
>> the moment (if you really want *Instead of the Thorn*, *Helen*,
>> *Pastel* and *Barren Corn* I could try to find out where) and the
>No thanks, I'll have a look at my usual sources first.  ("Pastel" is the
>title I always forget)
>Hmm.  "Non-regency, non-detective" must be "The Conquerer", "Royal
>Escape", "Beauvallet", "These old Shades", "The Black Moth", "The
>Masqueraders"... there are loads!  And I don't count "The Talisman
>Ring", although it's set before the Regency, because it is also one of
>her better detective stories.

Mis-writing on my part: I meant to add "modern" in that somewhere and
missed it out.  "Non-historical non-detective" maybe.  Or else "modern

>> Joan Aiken Hodge
>> biography-ish *The Private World of Georgette Heyer* has just been
>Mama has that, so I can borrow it whenever I want to re-read it.  Wrong
>sister, BTW.  It was Jane Aiken, not Joan, who married a Hodge and wrote
>the Heyer biography.  (And, unlike most on this list I think, I like
>JAH's books better than those of Joan)

I did write Joan when I meant Jane -- do me a break, give me a favour, I
bet they just both got called "oh dashitall *you*!" when they were young,
how kind is it to call children of the same family by such similar names?
Even just having the same first letter leads to "Max -- Mar -- Rup --
Dashitall Minnow!"  (Max, Martin, and then the *dog* Rupert!) from my
mother in my childhood.  Jane and Joan, and John as well, is unfair on all
parties involved, that's what I say.  I suppose there isn't a third, lost
sister called June?  Or Jean?


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