Enduring vs Enjoying

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On Fri, 21 Jan 2005 minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:

> "oh oh oh but surely you must like this?" category.  It probably helps to
> know who he was excoriating and why, really.  Some of his poems are a bit
> like reading old copies of Private Eye: if you don't know who "Brenda" is
> in those, the point is somewhat lost.  I have a lot of time for the Essay
Makes sense to me - there is definitely a place in the world for poetry
that is the opposite of timeless (which isn't "timely. . ."  "timeful?"),
but it does take a firmer knowledge of the past for someone not of that
time to enjoy.

> If you really want to gasp with horror at something C18, may I heartily
> recommend Mark Akenside?  One of my tutors had a strange fascination with
I may check it out.  Or I may run screaming in the other direction ;-).

> The Oxford Books Of are meant to be pretty strict about actual publication
> date (which might explain why Smart's unfinished thing whose name I can't
> remember but of which Jeoffrey is part didn't get in: I think it wasn't
> published until 1939, or something), so you ought to get Coleridge's early
> stuff in one book, and the later work in the next one along.  That's the
Wow, that sounds excitingly. . . undictatorial ;-).

> Thinking of divisions being fun, where does the Norton put Gerard Manley
> Hopkins?  He gets some strange classifications happening to him because
> almost all his publication dates are posthumous; sometimes he gets included
> into a movement that didn't exist during his lifetime, which sort of makes
> me giggle a bit.  Oxford has him in C19 in spite of the publication date
> being 1918.
Yeah, he's just Victorian in Norton.

> Minnow

Prometheus: "Grief for awhile is blind and so was mine. / I wish no living
thing to suffer pain."
			---Percy Bysshe Shelley, _Prometheus Unbound_

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