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Philip wrote:

>I had no idea Heyer was so hard to find over your way.  AFAIK most of
>her historical novels are pretty continuously in print over here -
>paperbacks by Arrow last time I looked - and my only worry is to find
>hardbacks before my paperbacks fall to bits.

I am told that the Arrow paperbacks have got some interesting new typos in
them in places, which leads to arguments sometimes as to whether Heyer
meant eg "prove" or "probe" really (probably "prove" as in test).

(First editions with dust
>jackets typically L10 or L12, although I've picked them up for as little
>as L6)

One day last year our local Sally Ann shop had twenty-something of them
(most in dust jackets, many 1st edition) that they were going to *throw
away* because they didn't think anyone would want old fiction like that!
They'd put one out on the rack to see if it sold, and when I pounced on it
with squeaks of excitement they casually said "oh, there are some more in a
box somewhere, if you want them you can have them".   I insisted on paying
for them, but they refused to take more than a tenner for the whole lot.

This is how DWJ's granddaughters came to have hardback Heyer for Christmas.

I'm collecting the 1960s/1970s Pan paperbacks with the oval designs on the
covers, the edition I had in the first place, because after I inherited a
complete set of hardbacks from an aunt I foolishly gave away the set I
already had, and then discovered that although the hardbacks may be better
for staying in one piece, the words are in the wrong places on the page and
I can't look things up so fast in them.  22 down, 13 to go, I think.  I
shan't bother with the "moderns".

>And as for the lost Heyers, I think the edition shortly after her death
>was US only for copyright reasons.  So these are practically impossible
>to find in Britain, and the only lost Heyer I have is The Great
>Roxhythe.  (Which is a truly awful book BTW, for me anyway.)  I am
>prepared to loan it out if anyone is interested.

The four non-regency non-detective ones are rumoured to be in print at the
moment (if you really want *Instead of the Thorn*, *Helen*, *Pastel* and
*Barren Corn* I could try to find out where) and the Joan Aiken Hodge
biography-ish *The Private World of Georgette Heyer* has just been reissued
at a tenner -- again I could probably find you details if you want it.


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