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Fri Jan 21 06:32:36 EST 2005

The Knowledge Pika wrote:

>FYI, for the medievalists that I know are on this list but of course
>can't remember who they are, I just found out that an author whose work
>I've found useful in the past (Stephen Pollington, _Leechcraft_) has
>published a new book:
>Pollington, Stephen. <i>The Mead-Hall: Feasting in Anglo-Saxon
>England</i>. Norfolk, England: Anglo-Saxon Books, 2003. Pp. 283, 24
>illustrations by Lindsay Kerr, and bibliography. $27.00 (hb). ISBN
>(it was reviewed in The Medieval Review, so if you want the review,
>email me and I'll forward it.

This is weird: I would have sworn I knew of a book called *The Mead-Hall:
Feasting in Anglo-Saxon England* that had been out for a while.  Not my
immediate field (though it probably names plants, so maybe...), but at
least three people I know will be glad to hear of this if they didn't know
already, so thanks muchly!


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