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> Anita wrote:
> >I still use Strinisms sometimes, but not many
> people understand. (Emma? ,
> >short for Emma Chisit, or How much is it?)
> The Great God Aorta is part of my family's
> vocabulary.  I have no idea
> whether it came from either Weird Mob or Strine,
> though.  It might have the
> same source as the Australian Housewife's Prayer as
> used occasionally by my
> mother: "Dear Lord, when I reach the end of my
> tether, please be waiting at
> the other end", which makes no sense if you look at
> it carefully but
> *exactly* conveys the feeling.  Does anyone know
> where she might have
> picked that one up from if it wasn't one of the two
> books?

Both authors write quite a few books, Lauder (real
name AA Morrison) also wrote a book on the English of
London's West End, called "Fraffly well spoken" and
another called "Nose Tone Unturned". O'Grady under his
own name wrote "Aussie Eitket - or doing things the
Australian way" and "Aussie English - or an
explanation of the Australian idiom". Other
commentators on the Aussie language like Gilbert
Anstruther and Barry Humphries appeared a little later
than those two.


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