SF as the only significant literature

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Thu Jan 20 18:58:01 EST 2005

> >My brother is supposed to do a Science Fiction Book Report for school.
> >He is 10 years old.  He was asking me if there was any sci-fi DWJ he
> >could read.  The report really calls for a book with very typical
> >sci-fi elements, because his class is  learning how to know what genre
> >a book is.  Of course, DWJ is not quite right for this, because her
> >books are so unique and harder to categorize.  But I was wondering
> >which book you all think has the most science-fiction to it?  Or, if
> >you have any other clearly sci-fi recommendations for my brother.  He
> >doesn't like scary books.

Oh, all the old Andre Norton stuff would probably do as well. For the 
younger set, Star Ka'at books are good. I would avoid her older, 'hard' 
sf, and of course the Witchworld, but a taste for Andre Norton is a 
saving grace when you really need something, anything, besides romance 
novels and you are in a barren wilderness of either few books or merely 
literary works.
I would suggest, of the Heinlein books, either _Star Beast_ which is 
definitely a giggle, or _Have Spacesuit, Will travel_ (the book that 
eventually led me to Jerome K. Jerome...

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