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On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 17:15:17 -0500, Katie Meyers wrote:

>My brother is supposed to do a Science Fiction Book Report for school.  
>He is 10 years old.  He was asking me if there was any sci-fi DWJ he 
>could read.  The report really calls for a book with very typical 
>sci-fi elements, because his class is  learning how to know what genre 
>a book is.  Of course, DWJ is not quite right for this, because her 
>books are so unique and harder to categorize.  But I was wondering 
>which book you all think has the most science-fiction to it?  Or, if 
>you have any other clearly sci-fi recommendations for my brother.  He 
>doesn't like scary books.

_A Tale of Time City_ is the first one that comes to mind for me, probably
because it has the most obviously SF elements in it.

I just gave my 10-year-old _But We Are Not of Earth_ by Jean Karl and she
loved it--nice SF setting with some paranormal elements thrown in.  Eleanor
Cameron's Mushroom Planet books are good, if dated, and should be easy to
find.  _This Time of Darkness_ ought to be right at his level, and so should
some of the other H.M. Hoover books, probably _Orvis_--_Another Heaven,
Another Earth_ may be a little mature in content, but _Children of Morrow_
is a good juvenile variation on _The Chrysalids_, assuming you can find it.

If he's a more advanced reader, he might enjoy _Mind-Call_ by Wilanne
Schneider Belden, which is part of the postapocalyptic subgenre and comes
closer to being an adventure novel.  Allison mentioned _Invitation to the
Game_, which I second.  Another one I liked at that age is _The Boy from the
UFO_ (also titled _Barney and the UFO_) by Margaret Goff Clark about a
visitor from another planet who befriends a lonely boy.  I don't know how
well it's aged, but I have good memories of it.

It's funny how few SF books I read when I was young.  Most everything else
I've come up with is just slightly too old for the average 10-year-old.

Melissa Proffitt

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