Crap books and good books (was Re: Best Books of 2004)

Katie Meyers kgmeyers at
Thu Jan 20 18:04:13 EST 2005

<<On a happier note, we're talking about buying graphic novels for 
(private school) library.  My partner in crime has a twelve-year-old
daughter who LOVES manga, so she's sympathetic to the cause.  It's
problematic because the age range is from 6 to 14, but not impossible.  
would help if we had a budget, of course....>>

I know my friends would be thrilled if our library included manga, 
though I am less into it.  My school library seems to have forgotten 
that libraries include BOOKS.  There is a lot of technology and many 
computers, but not many books- even less fiction, even less fantasy/sci 
fi.  No DWJ.  The books we do have are a very strange selection.  There 
is often the middle of a series only.  We are missing many important 
classics that you would expect to be in a school library.  The new 
fiction books are just weird.  I really wonder who chooses them?  Some 
consist only of Hot Steaminess.  A little of that is ok, but when there 
is no plot?  And in a school library? 

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