SF as the only significant literature

Irina Rempt irina at valdyas.org
Thu Jan 20 17:27:32 EST 2005

On Thursday 20 January 2005 23:15, Katie Meyers wrote:

> My brother is supposed to do a Science Fiction Book Report for
> school. He is 10 years old.  He was asking me if there was any sci-fi
> DWJ he could read.  The report really calls for a book with very
> typical sci-fi elements, because his class is  learning how to know
> what genre a book is.  Of course, DWJ is not quite right for this,
> because her books are so unique and harder to categorize.  But I was
> wondering which book you all think has the most science-fiction to
> it?  

I was going to say _Hexwood_, but it might be too old for him, and *I* 
think it's scary. Perhaps _Archer's Goon_ which has a spaceship in it, 
or _Dogsbody_ because it's about stars, or <mind blanks for a bit, go 
look at bookcase> _A Tale of Time City_ with time travel and clearly 
far-future themes.

> Or, if you have any other clearly sci-fi recommendations for my 
> brother.  He doesn't like scary books.

I know I read SF at that age, but probably only my parents' collections 
of short stories which were in Dutch (I didn't start to read English 
until I was 12). Can't help you with that.


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