OT: editing question/ SF Xmas book

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Thu Jan 20 13:21:48 EST 2005

Laurie Puszczewicz wrote:

>This list seems like it has had some editors (professional and otherwise),
>so i thought you might be a good place to direct this question to. A
>research group at the University I am currently working for (in Spain),
>has asked me as a native English speaker to edit their forthcoming book.
>Yesterday they asked me to give them an idea of how much I should be paid
>for this work, and if I want to be paid by the hour, the word, etc. I
>honestly have no idea what the goign rate (or a fair rate) is for this
>kind of thing.  Basically, it is proofreading more than anything else, but
>I am checking the format of citations, etc, so it does take some time.
>Does anyone have any idea as to what a fair rate to charge is?
I have done and am still doing from time to time a reasonable amount of 
editing of academic material (theses, papers, that kind of thing) in 
Calgary, Canada. Here the going rate for the kind of proofing/editing 
you are talking about is $1 per page. If you are checking citation, then 
you count *every page* of the the document. Bear in mind that the rate I 
suggest is mostly for students, so is perhaps a bit discounted, but it 
could give you a ballpark figure. I actually charge an hourly rate, but 
I know how fast I work, and it comes out about the same.


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