Americanisms (was RE: Sorcery and Cecilia and Desert Island books)

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Thu Jan 20 11:04:04 EST 2005

On Thursday, January 20, 2005, at 05:14 AM, minnow at wrote:

> It's connected in my head with something I read at about the same time
> called "Let Stalk Strine"  (I think).  Was that by the same author, 
> and who
> *was* he anyhow?  *They're a Weird Mob* is in my father's house, not 
> here.

"Let Stalk Strine" is by Afferbeck Lauder.  Can't help you on the other 

LSS is one of two books I have <blush> abstracted from public libraries.

The other one was -- ObDWJ -- "Witch's Business" aka "Wilkin's Tooth".
That one I paid for losing [the other library lost track of LSS], kept 
receipt, and when I could finally buy it, I did, and returned the book
to the library.


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