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On Thu, 20 Jan 2005, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
|So tell me, everyone, what is Veronica Mars about?  I see it on the schedule
|(another thing I would miss terribly about losing the satellite service) and
|have seen a couple of previews, but never watched it.

High school girl Veronica Mars has a best friend, Lily, and a boyfriend,
Lily's brother Duncan.  Before the pilot (which I finally saw what Reed
aired this week) Duncan has dropped Veronica without warning and Lily
has been murdered.  Veronica's father used to be the sheriff, but he
lost his position in a recall election when he insisted that the man who
confessed to Lily's murder didn't actually do it.  Now he's a private
investigator barely scraping by, and Veronica helps.  Everyone in town
is either very very very wealthy (Internet entrepreneur or movie star)
or the working-class shmoes employed by the wealthy.

That's the basic premise.  In every episode Veronica solves a high
school related mystery ranging from the vital to the ridiculous (is the
missing girl murdered?  Who's publicizing fake purity test scores), and
discovers another tiny missing piece in the great mystery which is her
town.  I think would like it more if I were the right age, but it's very
compelling.  Veronica is a bit of a Mary Sue: beautiful, brilliant, a
fantastic investigator, snarky.  All of her insecurities come from
outside events (why was she dumped?  Where is her mother?  Who killed
Lily?), and she'd be a stronger character if she were, well, weaker.
But still, compelling.  I'm enjoying it.

I need to bond with you.  It's part of my therapy.

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