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>From my roomate, a Latin poet ( ), agrees mostly with that
translation.  Do you want the hexameter?  He offers.  :)

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It's good. I think "folia" is better than "frons" for the double meaning. I can try for a hexameter tonight if you'd like.

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> Sidere mutato in frondibus meis semper canticant aves
> He tried for a hexameter but gave up!
> On 20/1/05 2:11 PM, "Kathleen Jennings" <kathleen.jennings at> wrote:
> > I'd like to translate the following into latin, to form part of a bookplate:
> >
> > "Whatever the season, birds sing among my leaves"

> > Oh - on topic, I finally read A Sudden Wild Magic, enjoyed it very
> > much and have to add the conga-line to my Favourite DWJ scenes. Can we
> > do one of those threads again? I hadn't read nearly enough books last
> > time.

I'm game.  I vote the chaos when Sophie goes back young.

Can the gods catch flu?  I think I may have given it to all of them.
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