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Thu Jan 20 10:27:59 EST 2005

On Wed, 19 Jan 2005 22:33:21 +0100, Katarina Hjärpe wrote:

>God, is there no one who *does* watch TV? I'm starting to feel like a freak 
>for loving my TV nearly as much as my computer and the library.

I love my TV.  It should tell you something that we pay for basic satellite
service to get our local channels, because we live in a pocket of really bad

I don't watch a lot of different shows, but I would miss the ones I'm
addicted to.  Like all the Law and Order shows, and reruns of Dharma and
Greg, and Joan of Arcadia.  And even Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal,
both of which I swore I'd never watch based on the promo ads and both of
which turned out to be much different in person.  Plus I really really like
certain kinds of reality TV, especially The Amazing Race and The
Apprentice--which starts again tonight!--and of course Extreme Makeover:
Home Edition, which we watch as a family on Sunday nights.  And I'm in
mourning for Firefly and will be until September 30.

I had to train myself out of an early tendency to be mesmerized by whatever
is on, and to not turn on the TV unless I had something specific to watch.
(We used to use this on my father, who gave all his kids this problem; we'd
park ourselves in the family room when he was looking to give us chores, and
he'd come into the room and forget what he wanted us to do in favor of Wheel
of Fortune.)  Then I married someone with ADD who uses TV as background
noise.  It used to drive me nuts; now I just leave the room if I need to do
something else.  Or get out some kind of craft project.  I can't do anything
that requires complex brain function while I'm watching TV.

I do wish we had some of the other cable channels, mostly the science ones
and old movie channels.  I don't really miss the Sci-Fi Channel much, but I
do miss Cartoon Network.  Powerpuff Girls, you know.

Melissa Proffitt
(wondering when she finds time for housework with the busy TV-watching and
book-reading schedule...oh, right, she doesn't)

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