Americanisms (was RE: Sorcery and Cecilia and Desert Island books)

ROSLYN rosgross at
Thu Jan 20 08:16:55 EST 2005

> Paul wrote:
>>All this talk about bizarre dialects and people talking like radio
>>announcers reminds me of one of the classics of Australian literature,
>>a book called 'They're a Weird Mob'; it's about an Italian immigrant
>>to Australia who, having gone to the trouble of learning to speak
>>English, is disturbed to discover that he's apparently the only person
>>in the country who *does*...


> This is one of those books, like *Don't Knock the Corners Off* and *The
> Brontes Went To Woolworths*, that I had a theory about when I was younger:
> I decided that my family must have bought them just before the universe
> skipped to an alternative line somehow, and we now had the only copies in
> the entire world.  Nobody I met for years and years had ever heard of any
> one of them!
> This list is a reassuring place.
> It's cionnected in my head with something I read at about the same time
> called "Let Stalk Strine"  (I think).  Was that by the same author, and
> who
> *was* he anyhow?  *They're a Weird Mob* is in my father's house, not here.

Oh yes! We had _They're A Weird Mob_ at home when I was a kid. It's
hysterical, an Aussie classic, really, though I'm not sure how many Aussies
have heard about it. It's by Nino Culotta. And I *think*, but I'm not sure,
that he wrote _Let Stalk Strine_ as well. I have the book somewhere and
can't find it. There was a film made of _They're A Weird Mob_, and my 
husband just found this site: .


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