Crap books and good books (was Re: Best Books of 2004)

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Thu Jan 20 07:14:55 EST 2005

I wrote:

>>I dunno about you, but it gives me acute attacks of the gigglies.  Pompous

and Margaret replied:

>And thank you for the phrase. Hereafter, when passing such a book in the
>library, I shall gently mutter, "Oh, more pompous prunery," and leave
>the remaining library patrons even a little more mystified than before.

I had better give the attribution.  A lady called Eva Faithfull, of
Austrian descent, who spoke slightly strange English to the end of her
days, gave us the Prune as a sort of all-purpose boo-word for people who in
her opinion lacked some essential juice and were self-satisfied.

She also gave us "It would make your hair curdle!" for situations fraught
with horrible possibility.

I can't remember what are Evaisms until I use one and realise that this is
not Usual English, and that's the only other one that springs immediately
to mind.


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