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Thu Jan 20 06:35:41 EST 2005

> That's so odd. I don't watch news on tv because, well, I hate watching
> news on tv; but it seems to me that they can't fit nearly as much into a
> half-hour or hour-long television show as they can into a daily newspaper.
> I love reading the newspaper, because, yes, I can learn what's going on in
> the world; and I can learn as much or as little about it as I choose. I
> don't have to wait for the talking heads with the plastic hair to present
> the next story to me; I can skim articles or just read headlines and go on
> to the next article, which I want to read in depth.

When I had a tv, I loved watching the news. In fact, my former house-mate
and I would turn channels over to see the news (and documentaries and
sci-fi) and/or to avoid the soaps.
These days I buy the very worthy Guardian, but I often just skim over the
news, because by then it's yesterday's news, which I had already heard many
times over on good old BBC Radio 4 (R4 is my background noise, being on
constantly except during Afternoon Play, which is usually something heavy
and depressing, involving abused children and social services). But The
Guardian cryptic crossword is a great favourite.


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