Americanisms (was RE: Sorcery and Cecilia and Desert Island books)

Rosemary Hopkins rosieburroughs at
Thu Jan 20 06:28:01 EST 2005

 --- Margaret Ball <margaret at> wrote: 
> Ah, another DDP (dialectically displaced person). 

Ooh, I like this expression. May I borrow it?

My mother is from Cornwall, but was encouraged by her teacher parents
to speak RP. (The Cornish accent reappears under stress, or whenever
she tries to imitate any other accent.) My father's family is from
Staffordshire, but his father was in the RAF, so he was born in
Norfolk, eventually settled in Nottinghamshire, and was later sent to
public school. I grew up in South Yorkshire being teased for "talking
posh". At 13 I was sent to a boarding school in North Wales, where I
was teased for "talking Yorkshire". In the holidays I was told I had
picked up a touch of the North Wales accent. After six years in the
south-east I have probably picked up a touch of Estuary as well, and
when I visit my mother, who has now moved back to Cornwall, I find
myself picking up a little of the Cornish accent. Very few people can
guess where I originate by hearing me speak.


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