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Thu Jan 20 06:09:04 EST 2005

Katta wrote:
> God, is there no one who *does* watch TV? I'm starting to 
> feel like a freak  for loving my TV nearly as much as my 
> computer and the library.

I do, quite a lot. I tend to switch on for something I want to see, like a comedy show, or a cooking show, or gardening, or history, or archaeology, or nature, or a mystery, or.... and keep watching for a couple of hours. I like daytime TV, even- well, a subset that doesn't include the quiz shows or talk shows. Also I half-watch a lot of things with a book in my hand.
I fully agree with Minnow about the Stupid Camera Tricks that get used in documentaries, but it only irritates me enough to switch off science ones, usually. Although there was one about Egypt [which are often the worst] that kept fading between normal and negative, and showing the same scene about 4 times in slow motion, that I reckoned was them showing that they didn't have enough content to keep people interested without playing silly buggers. 
It also annoys me that so many documentaries are about a new, thrilling, dangerous, groundbreaking theory! That all the experts are pooh-poohing! But we're going to sweep away all that dusty old research, and show you The Truth! 
Mind you, one of those can give me a good solid hour of satisfying heckling, so I suppose they serve a useful purpose. 

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