Ferrets (was: Crap books and good books (was Re: Best Books of 2004))

Belben, Philip ( Energy Wholesale ) Philip.Belben at eon-uk.com
Thu Jan 20 03:37:01 EST 2005

Margaret remarked:

> Can't speak for hamsters, but ferrets certainly do. On their first
> encounter with our Lab puppy (who was dashing in circles around the
> cage, panting and drooling and barking) the ferrets emitted a series
> of high screeching discords unparallelled in my musical memory.
> After that I wanted to name them Shostakovich and Stravinsky, but
> the girls overruled me.

ROFL!  But that reminds me, what became of the Nine Ferrets song?  I had
sent it to Widdy shortly before I lost my e-mail at the end of November,
but I can't remember what was due to happen next.  I think I was
supposed to proof-read the printed score, but it probably got lost in
the black hole.

Any other lyricists who were sending me stuff: if I haven't replied,
then I didn't get it.  Now that my e-mail is working again, I'd love to
have a look at what you've written...


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