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Margaret Ball margaret at
Thu Jan 20 03:27:23 EST 2005

> My mother is a bit like that. She had to stop watching ER because all 
> the running around with patients made her crazy

This reminds me of one circumstance in which I did like to watch TV. 
Some time in the late sixties/early seventies I was sharing a house with 
a girl whose brother-in-law was a doctor, and if you could get him to 
come over and sit down after dinner, he turned medical shows into active 
entertainment. The poor man was always leaping up and down screaming, 
"Not that way, you're going to kill him!" or alternatively, "Why are you 
bothering, he's been dead since before the last commercial?"

Hmm. One of our current friends is a DA. When Jim gets cut loose from 
his current jury trial, maybe I could persuade him to come over and 
watch a legal show with us...

Margaret Ball

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