Crap books and good books (was Re: Best Books of 2004)

Margaret Ball margaret at
Thu Jan 20 03:09:59 EST 2005

>Is it annoying when some Big Name Real Author decides to venture into the
>ghetto and write a Science Fiction Book just to show all the poor pathetic
>prunes who live there how it ought to be done, and produces a thing that
>would be derivative if one didn't realise that in fact they had no idea
>that they were simply re-inventing the wheel when they proudly start to
>work out that going back in a time machine and killing your mother might
>not be the brightest possible act?  Or is it merely risible when they boast
>about their originality?
>I dunno about you, but it gives me acute attacks of the gigglies.  Pompous

And thank you for the phrase. Hereafter, when passing such a book in the 
library, I shall gently mutter, "Oh, more pompous prunery," and leave 
the remaining library patrons even a little more mystified than before.

Margaret Ball

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