Holiday Reading

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Wed Jan 19 21:01:11 EST 2005

Kyla Tornheim wrote:

> I think I'm most looking forward to rereading Memory and Komarr. But I
>think Komarr wouldn't be so satisfying, with the **mumble mumble**, if you
>hadn't read about Miles's problems with **mumble mumble mumble** before.
I read Komarr first (I have no idea why; I think because I was finally 
giving in to all those people who recommended Bujold, and it was a bit 
random). It's not a fantastic starting place, but I did like it enough 
to read another book, and then I was hooked. In some ways it is more 
self-contained than some of the other stories, and it is kind of 
interesting getting to know Miles at the same time as certain other 
people in the book do.


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