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On Mon, 17 Jan 2005, Judith Ridge wrote:

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> Confession: and I realise this may get me kicked off the list (or at
> the very least Sent to Coventry which actually becomes a fairly
> clever pun if you can wait long enough for the payoff...). I started
> Louise McMaster Bujold's _Cordelia's Honour_. I got a few chapters
> in and I thought; I don't read this kind of book. I don't like this
> kind of book. I am not particularly enjoying this book. (I don't
> even know what to call "this kind of book". It's not strictly SF, is
> it. Oh well, I don't know what it is, but I know when I don't like
> it...)

> So Cordelia has gone back on the shelf next to _Young Miles_ which I
> am sure I will never read either.

I never thought I would like Bujold either.  Space opera I said.  And then I
read A Civil Campaign with its homage to Austen and Heyer (Melissa - Jacob -
are you there?)  And I was completely hooked.  I actually read the series
backwards in time, then forwards.  I think that Cordelia's Hono(u)r can be a
tough one to start with because I found it hard to get to know the
characters, plus Cordelia isn't the focus of the rest of the series (IMHO).
If you really want to try to get into Barrayar, try a later book (Komarr is
a good one too.)


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