trash vs literature

Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at
Wed Jan 19 17:22:04 EST 2005

>*grin* I do understand, even though I'm cognitively impaired to the
>point that TV drives me crazy-- too much stuff, and too
>time-restricted-- I can read so much faster than I can watch TV! So in
>terms of visual literacy (the ability to follow things in a visual
>format) I'm handicapped.

My mother is a bit like that. She had to stop watching ER because all the 
running around with patients made her crazy. Also, we can turn on a show 
together, that neither one of us has asked before, and two minutes later 
she'll turn to me and ask, "Who is he, and who was that other guy who just 
left, and what were they arguing about?" The scary part is that more than 
50% of the time, I can answer the question. Though I think that's partly due 
to genre rather than visual literacy – just like it's obvious in certain 
fantasy books who the lost heir is, it's easy to recognize a TV detective by 


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