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I watch TV. Not as much as I used to, but I can't stay away from The 
Simpsons or West Wing or Law and Order or Alias or Buffy. I've given up 
on ER and Will and Grace this year, though.

(I'm doing both Alias and Buffy on DVD because I didn't get started at 
the beginning, though)

And, if you folks like Monty Python and the Goodies, I might recommend 
a Canadian troupe called "The Kids in the Hall." They're not on the air 
anymore, but the first two seasons are out on DVD. Very Pythonesque - 
right down to the cross-dressing (which they do stunningly well).


On Jan 19, 2005, at 3:33 PM, Katarina Hjärpe wrote:

> God, is there no one who *does* watch TV? I'm starting to feel like a 
> freak for loving my TV nearly as much as my computer and the library.
> In fact, I had a couple of dates with a girl a few months ago. We 
> didn't have much in common, but I didn't realize how hopeless the 
> situation was until she revealed that she had no TV, didn't watch many 
> films, and wasn't interested in speculative fiction. There was nothing 
> trivial left to talk about!
> Katta
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