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Wed Jan 19 16:44:05 EST 2005

> I ask because if I have understood rightly (and the book hasn't come my 
> way, so I haven't read it) _The Da Vinci Code_ has set up a group of people who 
> really exist, and used them as the villains.  Am I wrong?  Opus Dei?
> It isn't that I am a member, or even that I know any, but that seems to me 
> to be a dangerous game to play, in that encouraging a dislike and mistrust of 
> real people on the basis of a fictional account of their doings mixed in with 
> a bit of fact (accurate data about when they were founded, where they are to 
> be found, that sort of thing) is altogether too likely to go too far.

That anything like A. Conan Doyle in "The Vally of Fear" with the Mormons?

Had to ask...
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