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Wed Jan 19 13:16:59 EST 2005

On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, Roger Burton West wrote:
|I don't like the inflexibility of timing, either, though VCRs have
|ameliorated that to some extent. Which is why I watch only recordings
|of things I have specifically chosen to look at, rather than what
|happens to be on, and indeed have no capacity for watching live
|television at all; it solves both these problems, and the quality of
|the content is a matter for my own decision. (I watch some things I'd
|certainly regard as trash...)

Oh, Blessed be the TiVo, certainly.  My (used, from a friend who'd
already bought the lifetime subscription, yum) TiVo records me Veronica
Mars, Doctor Who, and CSI (in this sadly Wonderfalls-free world) which I
watch two weeks later when I need some stare into space time.  Though I
admit VM is rapidly becoming more than a once every two weeks show.  I
skip the ads trivially, and there's no tapes to keep track of. When it's
bored, it tapes other things it thinks I'll like: M*A*S*H, Simpsons,
Monarch of the Glen, Sabrina the Teenaged Witch.  It's often right, for
definitions of "like" which include "it's late, I'm bored, and I have
eyestrain and can't read, and I don't want to use my brain or clean."
And yesterday my TiVo conjured up an episode of Blackadder I, which I
didn't even know was on!  It seems to have replaced Red Dwarf as the
post Doctor Who show.

I'm the oddest combo of pro- and anti- television.    I get addicted to
television shows easily, and watch (off TiVo, so not on schedule) at
least a couple of nights a week.  But my duplex household has one
television for both houses, and it lives on a cart in a closet.  It's
out far more often for Dance Dance Revolution than for television.

ObDWJ:  Hmm.  Mmm.  *struggles*  Is it Quentin Sykes who says terrible
things about television?  If Torquil were invading a house with a TiVo,
would the TiVo record Torquil's face at all times?  Could you fast
forward over the Torquil show?

Now I'm thinking about _Good Omens_, where all the audio tapes left in
the car turn into the Best of Queen.

-deborah, whose .sig file seems to have been left in the car too long
Fat-bottomed girls they make the rocking world go 'round

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