trash vs literature

Charles Butler hannibal at
Wed Jan 19 11:26:38 EST 2005

> I used to enjoy The Goodies, though, and Up Pompeii!, and Monty Python,
> Marty Feldman.  Is anybody doing stuff like that any more, or is all TV
> comedy now like Graham wossisface, the scatological bloke?

I'm only guessing about your tastes here, Minnow, but
surreal-yet-essentially-good-natured comedy is done pretty well (for my
money) by Reeves and Mortimer. On the other hand, Graham Norton seems to
have borrowed quite a lot of his act from Frankie Howerd, and you like him,
so maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree. Or just barking. (GN is funnier when
he 'appears' on Radio 4 programmes like *Just a Minute*, I think.)

How pleasant it would be to see the Goodies again, by the way - something
they don't seem to have shown for many years. Or would it be embarrassingly
dated and awful? Perhaps it's better not to know.


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