trash vs literature

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Wed Jan 19 11:43:41 EST 2005

>It's just too bad there isn't a better way to distinguish people who are
>Snooty and people who just don't watch TV.  I, for one, am not interested in
>daytime television--I get too distracted to do all the other things I have
>to do--and I know some of my friends think I look down on them when they
>talk about something they saw on Oprah or The Today Show.
I hate Oprah and Dr Phil because of the numbers of students who watch 
both shows zealously, and then use them as *research* for essays on 
social topics. So yes, I do look down on them.

My television broke, and my husband got mad at me because I made him buy 
a new one two days later. He was all - we lived without a tv for 3 years 
(until he got one because he needed to watch the world cup of soccer), 
why do we have to have it? No tv and no beer make Homer go crazy.


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