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Wed Jan 19 12:05:38 EST 2005

> On Wednesday 19 January 2005 05:21, Katie Meyers wrote:
> > I know what you mean about how reading is regarded.  I get a
> > different reaction, though.  People look at me in an admiring, awing
> > way and go on about how they should read more, regret that they are
> > engaging in such brainless activity as TV-watching, think I am so
> > wonderful to do such a thing as read... 
> Oh yes. Have you ever tried reading a book in a foreign language in 
> public? When I was in high school, people were always saying admiringly 
> "You're reading English!" I used to say, crossly, "I'm reading a BOOK!" 
> Now I know that what I ought to have done, of course, is look up 
> vaguely, study the cover of the book and say "Goodness, you're right, I 
> hadn't noticed."

Hehe. I knw some people who would certainly look down on some of the stuff I
read (...but that's a children's, you like fantasy novels (1)...)
but they don't because I read them in English, and that's sophisticated.
Whatever, I do not care, but *if* I don't think the subject is worth
reading, the language doesn't make it worthwhile.

(1) Since Harry Potter that has become more acceptable around here.

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