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>Not that I am suggesting for a moment that all television is a crock of
>****, you understand; I'm sure there are good things on it.

I think that one of the places that the open sewer idea comes from is
that the thing can be left on; unlike the experience of watching a
film, or reading a book, it will just keep going forever with things
one didn't choose to see, and one has to take active measures to _stop_
it from happening at one. (I was brought up to turn the set on for the
programme one wanted to see, and turn it off afterwards; I still find
it very distracting when people have the things on as background. The
fact that the flicker rate attracts the eye doesn't help.)

I don't like the inflexibility of timing, either, though VCRs have
ameliorated that to some extent. Which is why I watch only recordings
of things I have specifically chosen to look at, rather than what
happens to be on, and indeed have no capacity for watching live
television at all; it solves both these problems, and the quality of
the content is a matter for my own decision. (I watch some things I'd
certainly regard as trash...)

>They just
>never seem to be on when I happen to be in places where there is a
>television, and even the "oh, you must watch this, it's *brilliant*!" of
>dear friends hasn't of recent years turned out to be true as far as I am

Yes, absolutely.

>I used to enjoy The Goodies, though, and Up Pompeii!, and Monty Python, and
>Marty Feldman.  Is anybody doing stuff like that any more, or is all TV
>comedy now like Graham wossisface, the scatological bloke?

All the comedy I've been shown lately has been. (I have an Enthusiastic
Friend.) I assume that it's easier to write obscenity and profanity
than to write humour.


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