Crap books and good books (was Re: Best Books of 2004)

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Wed Jan 19 10:58:37 EST 2005

Margaret wrote:

>Minnow wrote
>>if by this comment you mean they
>>think the stuff they wrote themselves is the only true and living fiction
>>ever created, laughter is not appropriate, but the hotel swimming-pool
>>judiciously applied might fit the bill.  Or possibly drowning in lime
>Yeah, that's what they mean. The most annoying one is a writer whose
>novels always feature a heroine who embodies truth and courage and the
>willingness to apologize when one has wronged somebody, and he/she can
>go on about these virtues and how the books improve people by showing
>them examples of courage and honesty (which may be true come to think of
>it) and I happen to know that this particular writer is a pathological
>liar who picks fights with people over imaginary slights and never, ever

Now you have been and gone and done it.  I can think of maybe three
candidates, and whichever of them it *isn't* would be entitled to be quite
upset about that...

>Sometimes it's not such a good idea to get to know writers whose work
>one liked.

It's just as bad knowing writers one really likes and having to skate round
ever mentioning that one doesn't entirely get on with their books.

I adore Chris Priest, but sometimes I find his work more slit-yer-wrists
than I want to know about!

<sudden outbreak of hamster noises>


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