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Wed Jan 19 10:58:28 EST 2005

Irina wrote:

>In the Netherlands, not watching TV makes you a Fundamentalist, because
>people have heard of fundie Protestant denominations forbidding TV as
>"of the world". Especially when they hear that you have the habit of
>going to church (never mind which church; we're about as far from
>Protestant as possible), they're not interested in any of the real
>reasons (for instance: we couldn't possibly find *time* to watch TV
>with all the other things we do) but have you pigeonholed immediately.

In England, not watching TV seems to make you an Eccentric -- which is of
course a sign of normality in an English person, so nobody needs to worry
about it.

I have a cutting from a column by Thomas Sutcliffe in the Independent of
19th January 1995 (seems a good day to mention this):

"Watching /Rikki Lake/, a late afternoon import on Channel 4, I was
reminded of the answer a Hasadic Jew gave once when he was asked why he
didn't have a television.  'Because it's the spiritual equivalent of having
an open sewer running through your living room,' he replied, presumably
choosing his words tactfully, given that it was a television crew that had
put the question."

Not that I am suggesting for a moment that all television is a crock of
****, you understand; I'm sure there are good things on it.  They just
never seem to be on when I happen to be in places where there is a
television, and even the "oh, you must watch this, it's *brilliant*!" of
dear friends hasn't of recent years turned out to be true as far as I am

I used to enjoy The Goodies, though, and Up Pompeii!, and Monty Python, and
Marty Feldman.  Is anybody doing stuff like that any more, or is all TV
comedy now like Graham wossisface, the scatological bloke?  I found him
dreadfully boring and predictable, when someone finally convinced me I
ought to give him a chance.  It was after seeing his programme that I went
and pinned the clipping onto my notice-board: it just seemed somehow too
accurate for words.


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