trash vs literature

Charles Butler hannibal at
Wed Jan 19 04:35:49 EST 2005


> > "You don't have TV? But
> >what do you *do*?" (This in western Qld where you could get 1 1/2
> >stations).

Western Qld? This is the difficulty of a truly international online
community - I thought for a few minutes that it might be one of the
lesser-known Arab emirates. Figured it out in the end, though. [blushes at
own ignorance]


> I suggested that if Southern California broke off from the rest of the
> continent and fell into the water, I'd probably notice it happening
> without having to be told about it on the TV news.

And of course, you'll notice Donald Fagan passing by on his way back to
Annandale... ;-)

Charlie (failing to get his head round the simple concept of a day's solid
work and dissipating his energies in facetiousness)

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