trash vs literature

Katie Meyers kgmeyers at
Tue Jan 18 23:21:47 EST 2005

<<I, on the other hand, have wasted many hours trying to convince 
people that "I don't watch TV" is a simple statement about my habits 
and not an intellectual snobbism, and that many of the books I read are 
every bit as trashy as their favorite TV show, whatever it may be.>>

I know what you mean about how reading is regarded.  I get a different 
reaction, though.  People look at me in an admiring, awing way and go 
on about how they should read more, regret that they are engaging in 
such brainless activity as TV-watching, think I am so wonderful to do 
such a thing as read...  I feel obliged to explain that my reading 
material is not all that educational or literary, I don't deserve this 
admiration, but they still do not seem to understand- they think 
reading is inherently "smart".  All this coming from people who are 
much more up-to-date on current events, and extremely knowledgeable 
about history and many diverse subjects.  This is probably not as bad 
as being regarded as an intellectual snob.
I myself do not watch TV because when I was little my mom made a rule 
about my brothers and I only being allowed to watch the PBS channels, 
which are Barney, Sesame Street, Magic School Bus, Wishbone, etc.  
These were fun but as I got older and the old rule was never revoked I 
eventually turned to reading because it was just more interesting than 
these shows, as well as being transportable to school.  Now that my 
family can finally watch other channels, I have no habit of watching 
TV, and am so absorbed in all of my books that I do not think I could 
change if I tried.

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