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Tue Jan 18 19:29:03 EST 2005

Kathleen wrote

> "You don't have TV? But
>what do you *do*?" (This in western Qld where you could get 1 1/2
>stations). My mother told her, "Well, we read books..." "Yes, but what
>do you *do*?" "...and we play games and sew and ride..." "Yes, but
>what do you *do*??"
When I moved to Southern California the little girl in the next 
apartment had the same worries. There we were, two blocks from the 
beach, but "what do you do?" She was also concerned that I wouldn't be 
able to find out what was going on in the world, even after I pointed 
out that the morning paper actually contained more news that was given 
in television broadcasts. "But if something important happens, you won't 
find out about it in time!"

I suggested that if Southern California broke off from the rest of the 
continent and fell into the water, I'd probably notice it happening 
without having to be told about it on the TV news.

Margaret Ball

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