Crap books and good books (was Re: Best Books of 2004)

Margaret Ball margaret at
Tue Jan 18 19:25:22 EST 2005

Minnow wrote

>f by this comment you mean they
>think the stuff they wrote themselves is the only true and living fiction
>ever created, laughter is not appropriate, but the hotel swimming-pool
>judiciously applied might fit the bill.  Or possibly drowning in lime
Yeah, that's what they mean. The most annoying one is a writer whose 
novels always feature a heroine who embodies truth and courage and the 
willingness to apologize when one has wronged somebody, and he/she can 
go on about these virtues and how the books improve people by showing 
them examples of courage and honesty (which may be true come to think of 
it) and I happen to know that this particular writer is a pathological 
liar who picks fights with people over imaginary slights and never, ever 

Sometimes it's not such a good idea to get to know writers whose work 
one liked.

I had a little fun with the tribe while writing the Salamandercon 
section of Mathemagics, but not enough. It would be fun to do a sequel 
involving the hotel swimming pool with lime jello, though. And I *think* 
it's been long enough that I can go to the next Armadillocon without 
anybody trying to throw *me* into the hotel swimming pool!

Margaret Ball

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