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Kathleen Jennings kathleen.jennings at
Tue Jan 18 17:52:48 EST 2005

Our family didn't get a TV/VCR until I was about 15 (we had access to
a postal education video library, which was marvelous), and didn't
actually get television until two years ago. I remember, when we were
small, a little girl we knew asked my mother, "You don't have TV? But
what do you *do*?" (This in western Qld where you could get 1 1/2
stations). My mother told her, "Well, we read books..." "Yes, but what
do you *do*?" "...and we play games and sew and ride..." "Yes, but
what do you *do*??"

When I went to college (lived on campus for 7 years) I acquired a
television set and it was frequently on, but my friends would comment
that I didn't actually *watch* it. I'd study or read or draw or sew
and listen while all my friends were glued to the set.

Now that I've finally moved out of college, there are 2 sets in the
house, and I've hardly turned them on in the last three months. Which
does mean that I'm missing Carnivale and Firefly and need someone to
lend me DVDs, but I don't know when I'll watch those either. TV takes
so much time out of the day.

At my parents house, now, the television is often on, but almost
always videos/dvds as my father can't read well now. I miss ABC local
radio, however. I remember one summer I spent sitting on the couch
embroidering and getting to know all the announcers and their family
events :)

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