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Otter wrote

> Also, my partner is not a reader.  I don't know _how_ I got myself
> mixed up with someone who doesn't read all the time.   

And my husband, who Knows Everything, doesn't read fiction or poetry. 
Um. Let me rephrase that. He has an extremely short set of Acceptable 
Fiction, comprising the works of C.S. Forester, Howard Fast, and Nevil 
Shute; the Greek novels of Mary Renault; the John Marsden YA series 
about Australia being invaded; Cynthia Voight's _Homecoming_ and the 
sequels; and, as of this year, Tracy Chevalier's _The Girl With a Pearl 
Earring_.   And that's it. Any other fiction I offer him gets put aside 
after about 30 pages. Can anybody make sense of this selection?

I first realized his cultural illiteracy when we were wandering around 
Greece, the year after we married. Initially I was impressed out of my 
mind with somebody who could look at any rock on the Greek mainland and 
tell me what battle occurred there and why. Then I casually mentioned to 
him that I had been to Lesbos when I was young and was very amused to 
find that the islanders prefer to call it Mytilene now, probably because 
they are embarrassed to be reminded of Sappho.

And he said, "Who?"

Margaret Ball

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