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Tue Jan 18 16:42:04 EST 2005

>I, on the other hand, have wasted many hours trying to convince 
>> people that "I don't watch TV" is a simple statement about my 
>> habits and not an intellectual snobbism, and that many of the books 
>> I read are every bit as trashy as their favorite TV show, whatever 
>> it may be.
>> Totally wasted effort. Not watching TV, in America, makes you an 
>> Intellectual, even if you just took an Elizabeth Ogilvie novel and 
>> an unknown-quantity sf paperback down to Cozumel for airplane/beach 
>> reading.
>I disagree, There's some absolutely splendid television out of a fantasy nature including
>Carnivale on HBO, and the now concluded Farscape series. It ain't the medium that's determines if it's trash -- it's the content!

If you disagree, then you too missed my point <sigh>. I wasn't saying 
that all TV was trashy - how could I know, when I never even remember to 
go in the room with the TV and turn it on for a program somebody 
recommends. I was saying that choosing to read books rather than watch 
TV didn't mean I'm an intellectual. It just means that I read books and 
don't watch TV.

Margaret Ball

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