tv vs books

Anna Z Skarzynska ania at
Tue Jan 18 15:24:01 EST 2005

> No books, no tv... Games?  Gardening?  Housecleaning?  Political action?
> 60 hour workweeks?
> I can understand no books *or* no tv (many people live one way or the
> other), but having neither fascinates me.
> -deborah

> |We have a VCR and a DVD player, but we don't receive any outside
> |TV signal.  This makes us quite weird enough.  [You really need
> |cable around here, and we decided we could do without it.]

There are alternatives to books and TV- internet? computer games? BBC Radio
I read lots, naturally (wouldn't be on this list otherwise), but I don't
watch TV for the simple reason that we live under a great big hill and there
is no signal here. Satellite would work, but I can't afford that AND a tv
licence. I do sometimes miss it- Buffy, Star Trek, news and documentaries
(in short, BBC2). But BBC Radio 4 keeps me happy as I spend hours online.
There is nothing like a good book, though.

Incidentally, should I buy and read the 50 p. copy of Passage by Connie
Willis? I recollect it being discussed on this list.


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