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> When long rolls are sold in more upmarket places, they are sometimes 
> called 'baguettes'...

They're called that around here, too [SW Colorado].  I'm not sure
what locals grow up calling 'submarines' because I didn't grow up
here, but I know it wasn't 'baguette'.

and now a long digression ....

If it had been some weird furrin word, it would have been Spanish.
because this part of the world was part of Mexico for a long time.
As you non-USAliens may know, the Latino/Latina population is
getting a lot of attention these days, much of it over illegal
immigration.  We here in Colorado, a generally red state, just
sent the Salazar brothers to Congress, Ken to the Senate and
John to the House.[1]  Although it looks liberal of us -- and they
_are_ Democrats --, their family has been in CO for 150 years.
No recent immigrants they!

I grew up on the East Coast where the first invaders were British
who didn't turn up until 1620.  [The town I grew up in was founded
in 1693, which is pretty good for the USofA, and is in one of the
thirteen original colonies.]  But the Spanish bits are generally
older and it's all very strange to live in one now.

[1]  The Salazars aren't the only pair of brothers in Congress.
Michigan -- where I _used_ to live -- sends the Levins: Carl to
the Senate and Sander to the House.  Also Democrats.

I was able to vote for both Salazars, but only for Carl Levin.
I didn't live in Sander's congressional district.


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