tv vs books

deborah deborah.dwj at
Tue Jan 18 13:04:02 EST 2005

No books, no tv... Games?  Gardening?  Housecleaning?  Political action?
60 hour workweeks?

I can understand no books *or* no tv (many people live one way or the
other), but having neither fascinates me.

I'm a little teapot, short and stout.
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Hey, I'm a sugar bowl!

On Tue, 18 Jan 2005, Otter Perry wrote:
|We have a VCR and a DVD player, but we don't receive any outside
|TV signal.  This makes us quite weird enough.  [You really need
|cable around here, and we decided we could do without it.]
|Also, my partner is not a reader.  I don't know _how_ I got myself
|mixed up with someone who doesn't read all the time. :-)  But I
|did.  She very occasionally reads a book about a subject that
|interests her -- biographies of blues musicians, for example.
|Last night she was watching the DVD full of supplemental stuff
|about "Master and Commander" and actually expressed a mild
|interest in reading a Patrick O'Brien.  [She knows I have them
|all.]  So we'll see ....

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