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Tue Jan 18 10:01:48 EST 2005

On Tuesday 18 January 2005 03:19, Margaret Ball wrote:

(I wrote:)

> >I don't care what people think of me, but *I* feel guilty if I read
> >"trash" instead of Real Literature.
> I, on the other hand, have wasted many hours trying to convince
> people that "I don't watch TV" is a simple statement about my habits
> and not an intellectual snobbism, and that many of the books I read
> are every bit as trashy as their favorite TV show, whatever it may
> be.

Yes, me too (though I don't even try to explain what I'm reading).

> Totally wasted effort. Not watching TV, in America, makes you an
> Intellectual, even if you just took an Elizabeth Ogilvie novel and an
> unknown-quantity sf paperback down to Cozumel for airplane/beach
> reading.

In the Netherlands, not watching TV makes you a Fundamentalist, because 
people have heard of fundie Protestant denominations forbidding TV as 
"of the world". Especially when they hear that you have the habit of 
going to church (never mind which church; we're about as far from 
Protestant as possible), they're not interested in any of the real 
reasons (for instance: we couldn't possibly find *time* to watch TV 
with all the other things we do) but have you pigeonholed immediately.


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