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Tue Jan 18 07:08:05 EST 2005

> Or at least ask somebody "Am I likely to not-enjoy other books of
> Bujold's or are they vastly different from 'Cordelia's Honor'?"
> Paul

Good question. I wasn't all that crazy about _Cordelia's Honour_either, 
especially "Shards of
Honour". It was too violent, too military...though "Barrayar" seemed more
character-based. In my case, I liked enough about it (notably the characters 
of Cordelia and Varal) that I felt like reading the next book. It was only 
really with the appearance of Miles in the next one that I began to 
appreciate the series. Even that one (_The Warrior's Apprentice_ I sometimes 
found a little too military-oriented for my taste. However, I really loved 
_The Vor Game_. I was increasingly fascinated with Miles, and the planet 
setting was vivid and also fascinataing. As for her other stuff, I haven't 
yet read _A Paladin of Souls_ but loved _The Curse of Chalion_.  Judith, 
it's very different from _Cordelia's Honour_. I do think you might find the 
later Miles books (the ones I've managed to read anyway, and I've only read 
a few) and her other stuff much more character and idea based, and less like 
military space opera. TCofC is not at all like that, of course, not being 
set in space.

Out of curiosity, were my reasons the same as yours, or were you not crazy 
about it for other reasons?

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